What's important to know

Color psychology

How color can impact how people think, feel, and act

⭐️ Utilise the psychology e.g. destructive button is red, approved message is green

⭐️ Research the cultural differences in color, dependent on who your audience is

⭐️ Don't add colors just for appearance, they will always communicate something to the user

Branding values

How your brand colors incorporate into the experience

⭐️ Primary, secondary and tertiary colors of the brand can translate the hierarchy of actions on a website or app

⭐️ Color is one way to represent your brand's style: traditional or modern, classic or innovative, fancy or grungy

UI states

Showing success, error and warning elements through color

⭐️ Don't rely on color only to convey state, combine it with information e.g. explain there is an error when an element's color changes to red


How colors combine in a purposefully different way

⭐️ Change your design to grayscale to test contrast from hue and value intensity


How colors work together as a palette