What's important to know

Clear and concise

Say exactly what will happen, in as few words as possible

⭐️ Read your copy back and remove redundant words

⭐️ Don't invent new words for actions, keep it familiar


Take the user to an intentional direction

⭐️ A user should understand what an action is going to do before they interact with it

⭐️ Remove jargon that doesn't help the user


How your brand comes across through messaging

⭐️ Avoid humour, particularly sarcasm as a tone in general as you leave room for interpretation


Wrap a certain action under one word e.g. don't interchange 'Next' and 'Continue' when moving screen to screen

⭐️ Consistency helps users notice a purposeful change in copy e.g. a number of 'Next' steps followed by a final 'Confirm' step tells them something different will happen next

Dark patterns

This isn't your chance to be sarcastic or antagonise the user

⭐️ If you have a preferred action for the user, change visual hierarchy - don't make the secondary option intentionally sound worse

⭐️ Don't hide relevant information or actions from the user out of concern it leads to churn