About me

Hi, I'm George Hatzis, a product designer from Sydney, Australia - creator of Checklist Design.

Currently, I do all things design at Wildcard.
I also make movie and TV show infographics.

If you want to reach out:
Twitter: @george_hatzis
Email: george@visu.info

Why I made Checklist Design

"It is common to misconceive how checklists function in complex lines of work. They are not comprehensive how-to guides, whether for building a skyscraper or getting a plane out of trouble. They are quick and simple tools aimed to buttress the skills of expert professionals."‍
The Checklist Manifesto - by Atul Gawande
As I was going from project to project, I was missing out on fundamental things in my work. So I started making checklists for myself for those standard pages you expect in a product.

They didn't take care of everything, which is what IΒ liked about them. They laid out the foundation of what I was doing, and then I built upon that.

Because as many times as I designed the same thing, details would slip. Rather than going back and forth later on, or relying on others to spot my mistakes, it was a tool to support the bigger picture I wanted to achieve.

It was working really well, which is why I wanted to share it with others. Designers, developers, makers and founders can all benefit from these checklists, and IΒ really hope you do too.