Blog Post



Each visible item to be shown on this page.

Title of post

Copy that educates the user on what to expect to read, typically phrased in an eye-catching or interesting manner

Sub heading

Elaboration on the title that defines the purpose of the post


A visual aid to illustrate the the themes of the content

⭐️ Thumbnail style should draw back to the product's branding and messaging


Who wrote and contributed to the post

⭐️ Bring out an author's profile to be selectable allows users to follow their favourite writers in the blog


The body of work that is the post

⭐️ Consider responsiveness and how the content is represented on smaller devices
⭐️ Text size should be minimum 18px to ensure readability

Social sharing tools

Ability to share or send the post to other people

⭐️ Positioning this element in a fixed position on the page allows the opportunity for the user to share the post at any point

Optional additions

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Lead conversion content

Introducing relevant information about your product that ties in to the post

Related articles

Suggested posts that are relevant to the current post for users to continue reading

Opt-in for subscription

A signup form for users to join which will subscribe them to a platform that lets you notify them of new posts

Date posted

When the post was shared live


A more specifically addressed category for users to explore as a topic


A section for discussion that users can join and contribute to