Each visible item to be shown on this page.

Company story

Share how the business started off and the journey it has experienced

⭐️ Don't just share the what, but the why and motivations behind the foundation

Up to date information

Ensure all the content is up to date, especially quantitative values e.g. team headcount, offices open, time operating

Employee benefits

Perks and value props for potential employees

⭐️ Ensure the benefits show real, tangible value and aren't gimmicks

Team and divisions

Either a breakdown of the team members or what areas you currently have

⭐️ Determine the amount of information based on the team size - a bio and links can be featured for a team of 10, but may not work for a team of 200+

Job openings

A listing of all roles currently available to apply for

⭐️ Break up the roles by department for easier scanning

Working locations

Showcase where your offices are, and if you offer remote work

Optional additions

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Employee testimonials

Feature stories from current employees that share why they love working at the company and what someone can expect

Great examples to follow