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Each visible item to be shown on this page.


Either your complete logo or a symbol mark


Context as to what you would like the user to do


Describe the basic features of creating an account and set their expectations as to what they can achieve.

Account identification

A unique identifier for the user to log in with

⭐️ An email address is the most commonly used, as you are also gaining a method to communicate with them beyond whatever they do next

Setting a password

A secure, private code that allows them to access their account in the future

⭐️ Include a password strength indicator
⭐️ Include password requirements (length, special characters)
⭐️ Create the ability to make the password visible

Link to login

A user may already have an account and landed on this page anyway.

Optional additions

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Social media to sign up

Turn a few text fields into one-click by allowing users to connect via Facebook or Google.

Current active customer count

Showcasing how many people are using and enjoying your product can evoke a fear of missing out for potential users.

Testimonial or social proof

Reinforcing the brand and product never goes out of style.

Blog post

An opportunity to show off some amazing content your marketing team put together.

Billing plans and trial period (if payment is involved)

Clearly define the length of the trial period and when they will be charged.