Each visible item to be shown on this page.

Fluid layout

Your content must be visible and accessible on any device size

⭐️ Grids and column help you ratio your content appropriately


Identify when to change your structure and how it will look

⭐️ Focus on ultra wide, desktop, tablet and mobile


The size of your text on each device size

⭐️ Scale your headings (a H1 should not be the same size on desktop and mobile)

Change in selection area

The area for a user to select an element e.g. text field or button

⭐️ Mobile devices can afford larger space to select a button or text field as desktop devices typically have a mouse in use with finer accuracy and reach


Minimising content and adding to it at the right screen size

⭐️ Keep content and visuals simple and minimal as possible on mobile, with a top down view

⭐️ Desktop and tablet can be more abstract and grander in visuals as more is visible at one time

Optional additions

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Vector files for images

An SVG allows any visual to be at 100% resolution at any size. One file fits all device sizes in being perfect in quality.