Each part of the user experience to consider.

Show a link to close account

Don't make this difficult.

This link should be visible in the profile or settings of a product. It should also be available in the support area.


Politely ask for feedback

It helps to know why somebody is choosing to leave. But, it should not be pressured or forcefully asked.

Convey the request feedback to improve other people's experience and to also consider their personal reasons.


Show options on how to close

Depending on your service, it may be more suitable for users to pause their account. Another preference could be to disable the account.


Explain what it means to close the account and confirm to delete

Be clear with what happens to the account and the information in it should a user close.

Is all the data permanently deleted? Can they come back and restore their account? Is the deletion immediate, or can they use their account until a certain date?


Reiterate their account status and explain how to return

Now that their account is deleted and it's finally complete, embrace that! Be comfortable acknowledging they have left. Do not show any passive aggressiveness.

Also explain how they can return if they choose to.