Each visible item to be shown on this page.

Metadata of items added

Name, size, style, quantity, price and images should all be present

Change or remove item

Give the user the ability to edit their items inside the cart

Shipping options

A unique identifier for the user

⭐️ Clearly show alternative shipping methods and the costs for each (if available)

Apply promo, discount or coupon

An obvious text field to enter a code for a reduced price

⭐️ Include above the checkout button
⭐️ Show status of whether discount was accepted or declined after submitting code

Accepted payment methods

Ways a user can fulfil their purchase

⭐️ Using secure payment providers instils trust into the user

Help and support

An important trigger point for potential issues to be addressed, where you need to show your availability in solving them

CTA to 'Checkout'

For once they are ready to move on and fulfil their purchase

⭐️ Make this your primary brand's color to stand out

Optional additions

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Suggested items to add

A great opportunity to upsell items that are relevant to those in the cart already