Each visible item to be shown on this page.

Tutorial or instructions

Steps or instructions to show a user how the application works to get started

⭐️ Avoid static content and allow the user to actually complete tasks and use the application when experiencing the tutorial

Empty states

Designing states for when a task hasn't been complete, or there's no information to be shown yet

⭐️ Turn an empty state into an opportunity to instruct what you would like the user to do, and point them to tasks to complete that are most likely to provide immediate value

Indicators to continue steps

If you have a multi-step onboarding process, ensure the user can understand how to continue and how to return to a previous screen

⭐️ Allow multiple identifiers to login with e.g. username, or email address, or phone number

Progress indicator

Visualise the user's progress to establish expectations of how long your onboarding will take

⭐️ Percentages and time are great at simplifying the expectations for a user, as 5 steps does not indicate the length overall

Contact support

Incase a user is confused or unsure in a stage of onboarding.