Each part of the user experience to consider.

Show a link to contact support

The presence of this action can be in many different situations:
β€’ in the header of a desktop app
β€’ in the settings of a mobile app
β€’ on a specific screen where something has gone wrong

What's key is to make it clear that it is where you go to contact support.


Showcase your methods of contact

If you have one option, showcase it! But if you have multiple options (chat, call, FAQ) then it's worthwhile to break it up and illustrate the benefits of each options.

A chat is great for a specific, complicated issue that needs an instant response. Meanwhile, a FAQ is great for standard, expected questions that are easy to explain.

But also consider the order of your methods. A FAQ as the first option is great because it allows a user to find their own answer without waiting on you to respond. But also chatting directly with someone is incredibly convenient.


Represent how to communicate and what is expected

Once a method is chosen, make it clear on how the method will work.

Illustrate the response time, and what the user will need to provide to get your best support.